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      Evgeniya Dudnikova: first solo show
      Curator Alexey Korsi
      JART Gallery presents first solo exhibition of the young artist Еvgeniya Dudnikova "Nomads", presenting the main features of the author's creative method. The exhibition will feature a new series of objects, paintings, as well as an installation created specifically for the gallery space.
      Fragment of a painting "Planet of water" by Evgeniya Dudnikova
      Working almost exclusively with painting, Evgeniya sets herself the ambitious goal: to develop an extremely complex symbolic language in which she addresses the theme of inner travel and transformation.

      The artist's works can be divided into three categories: the everyday world, the world of phenomena and portals connecting these two realities.

      The first group represents the world of everyday reality, filled with ambitions and desires. Whether it is an athlete captured during the climax moment, exterior and interior views of elite real estate or scenes of the idle life of high society - everywhere, behind the seeming naivety of the plot and the lightness of the artistic language, we unexpectedly find inexplicable anxiety and detachment.
      Windows, mirror frames and doorways almost always turn out to be passages into the world of phenomena, but portals can take on a different form, manifesting itself as a failure of reality — a double shadow, a transparent cat, a rainbow feather, a blue flash or a shining seagull.

      And finally, the third, the most extensive group of works devoted to the world of pure phenomena, represents the other world of phenomena, inhabited by the forces of necessity that provide order and the possibility of the existence of the world of everyday reality. These forces can materialise both in the form of objects (The Rainbow Wing or A Shimmering Sphere), fantastic and mythological creatures (such as the Spirit of an Ice Volcano, the Moon Cowboy or the Moon Rabbit), and in the form of vibrations of air, flashes and various supernatural phenomena. Each work in this series is a complex combination of these forces, organizing a special symbolic space - the Gazebo of Eternity, the Mystical Hut, the Laboratory of an Alchemist, the Meeting Room.
      Moving from one work to another, forces and characters penetrate between the two worlds, and we cannot always accurately determine whether it's the reality or the other world that we see in front of us. The events of the everyday world bear the imprint of the world of phenomena. So, the Blue Birds, symbolizing souls living in the world of phenomena, can calmly sit on the branches of a tree near a small house by the sea, and the color of the sky can refer to the overflow of color in the wings of the Angel of Death.

      The motive of the journey and the challenges and internal changes that come along with it is the key to the author's works. So, one of the main characters of the paintings are horses, which seem to be able to move freely between the worlds. A Nomad or A Rider is the one who, through consent (Nomad) or submission (Rider), was able to gain the strength to freely drift and transform.

      Rejecting postmodernist irony and the game of signs, Evgeniya takes the liberty of directly addressing issues of personal fate and internal mental processes, ignoring the pressure of the fashionable intellectual agenda. Working at the intersection of the traditions of Surrealism and Jungianism, the artist finds her own unique sincere language, which makes her a vivid representative of the latest trends in contemporary Russian art.
      Text by Alexey Korsi
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