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Москва, 3-я ул. Ямского Поля, 9
Art Residence, A-115
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3-Ya Yamskogo Polya Ulitsa, 9,
Moscow, 125040
      Gallery's Collection
      Аrt group PPSS, Igor Makarevich and Elena Elagina,
      Vitaly Pushnitsky, Valery Koshlyakov, Irina Korina, Pavel Otdelnov

      February – March 2022

      From February to March 2022, Jart Gallery exhibits 6 art projects as part of the collection, reflecting on the essence of art in the context of "real image" and "portrayed image."
      Vitaly Pushnitsy
      Valery Koshlyakov
      Irina Korina

      An unexpected meeting of projects is located on two floors of the gallery. Mixed media collages by Valery Koshlyakov in combination with abstract canvases by Vitaly Pushnitsky reflect the structural diversity of pictorial and graphic space. The works of Igor Makarevich and Elena Elagina are introduced into the semantic field of the exhibition in an unusual way, harmonizing with the systemic works. A bright paintings by the artist Irina Korina are chamber windows.

      Canvases by the PPSS group (Pavel Pepperstein and Sonya Stereostyrsky) from the Museum of the Subconscious of Moscow project occupied the first tier: a truly Moscow project passed through two well-known sites in the center of the capital and returned to the walls of the gallery.
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