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On April 29th, JART Gallery, with the support of Stone Hedge, in collaboration with the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the HSE School of Design, will present the group project "There Is No Truth" curated by (Alexandra Syrenova) and (Sveta Kerro). The monumental public art project "Naduvatelstvo" (trickery) will open in Art Residence space — two inflatable works (by Ivan Gorshkov) and (Diana Machulina) will be installed in the recreation area. A exhibition within the walls of the gallery will emphasize the unreliability of our perception through works of art: art has always masterfully manipulated the viewer's attention and perception.
(Maria Volkova), (Ivan Gorshkov), (Anel Eralieva), (Anna Kapleeva), (Maria Kiritsa), (Diana Machulina), (Vikenty Nilin), (Pavel Otdelnov), (Roman Sakin), (Nadezhda Sinozerskaya), (Khaim Sokol), (Sonya Stereostyrsky), (Ekaterina Sterlikova), ("Artistic Solitude"), (Polina Shtanko), (Sergey Shekhovtsov)
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Ivan Gorchkov, «Untiteled»
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Curator's commentary
"Distortions in perception are influenced by multiple factors: emotional and personal experiences, life experience, memories. All this steadily influences a person’s judgment, forcing them to act illogically and irrationally. Often works of art refer to the so-called collective memory -to what we had in common. In addition, art uses images that are familiar to everyone, but changes some details. All these techniques affect the perception.

The purpose of art exhibitions was originally to immerse the public in the content while maintaining a formal distance between people and art, both through building physical prohibitions and nbsp;an account of the dictation set for each interpretation work.

In this exhibition, instead of persistently directing the viewer to the conceived conclusion, we offer a non-standard, and at times uncomfortable, situation. For each work, we presented several interpretations in order to expand the boundaries of possible meanings, introduced extraneous objects into the exhibition to blur the line between art and non-art, and created a confusing navigation system ."

 — Alexandra Syrenova and Sveta Kerro
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Photos from the opening
Photographer: Maria Mizina
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