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      White forest
      The first land-art project in Malevich park
      Artists Grigory Orekhov, Aleksei Luka and art group Artistic Solitude
      Prepared with the joint cooperation of the Ministry of Culture of the Moscow Region and the JART Gallery, the project will be presented on February 1 in the new Malevich Park and will be available for visitors until March 1. White Forest is a group project by Russian artists, the works of Grigory Orekhov, Alexei Luka and the Artistic Solitude art group (Irina Korina and Olga Petrunenko, the EliKuka duet, the Icing of Architects group) will appear in a snowy forest and complement the architecture of the park with its various geometric shapes and reflective mirror surfaces.
      Photographers Konstantin Antipin and Nikita Subbotin
      Nowhere | Grigory Orekhov
      Land art by Grigory Orekhov consists of a 250 meters long red carpet made of polypropylene, stretching in a snowy forest.

      "Here, perspective becomes the artist's means of expression," critic Mikhail Sidlin writes about the work. "The new installation by Grigory Orekhov can be compared with the works of Eric Bulatov, however created not on a picturesque plane, but in Kazimir Malevich's park, which gives the work additional meaning — the author's departure into geometric abstraction, yet still remaining intact with reality."

      Since ancient times, the red carpet has had a ceremonial meaning — the path of the winners. Since the time of Agamemnon, it has been spread before the leaders, attributing a divine spark to them. Walking along the red carpet in the park, visitors will try on the role of rulers, while still appreciating the landscape. The desire for fame, wealth, power is negligible compared to the greatness of the universe, — emphasizes the artist Grigory Orekhov.
      Photographer Pushkin Fly Team
      Tree portraits | Artistic Solitude
      Irina Korina and Olga Petrunenko, the EliKuka duo (Oleg Eliseev and Evgeny Kukoverov) and the Icing Architects group (Aleksey Kononenko and Ilya Voznesensky) continued with the theme of open-air actions. Full-length portraits of trees is a monumental painting project made in the forest of the Pirogovo resort for the famous JART gallery event — "Cha Scha. Exhibition in the woods". Two six-meter canvases depicting firs, pines and driftwood transform the space of the snow-covered Malevich Park into futuristic exhibition halls.

      At the heart of Alexei Luka's work is the image of the old foundation, which is equally made from materials found by the artists, referring to old houses and buildings, and from new materials. Based on his architectural education and his own studies of the textures and geometry of urban spaces, the artist created a composition of wooden elements for Malevich Park. This voluminous assemblage, as if enveloping the trees, has become a natural part of the forest. The artist draws asks whether nature absorbs old monuments and ruins, or, conversely, they absorb it. Or maybe, in this mutual absorption, an organic whole is born?

      «Pivot point» | Alexei Luka
      For the opening of the first land art project "White Forest", Park Malevich's musical partner, SberZvuk audio service, together with artists, prepared original playlists, as well as a special instrumental musical selection for walks:

      Playlist of artist Grigory Orekhov
      Playlist of artist Alexei Luka
      For walks in Malevich Park
      Photographer Ivan Erofeev
      How to get there
      • By train from the Belorussky railway station to the Razdory station, then on foot;
      • By minibuses No. 101, 121, 150 from the metro station "Molodezhnaya" to the stop "6th kilometer", then walk;
      • By car along Rublevo-Uspenskoye highway to the village of "Razdory", then turn onto Rublevsky passage. The first hour of parking is free, then — 50 rubles / 1 hour.
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