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Москва, 3-я ул. Ямского Поля, 9
Art Residence, A-115
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3-Ya Yamskogo Polya Ulitsa, 9,
Moscow, 125040
      Curator: Sergey Khachaturov
      Large-scale group exhibition of city
      site-specific art
      The project is based on one of the oldest symbols - Ouroboros. Curator Sergey Khachaturov offers artists free interpretation of the topic within the discourse of opposing processes:

      The beginning and the end
      Chaos and order
      Destruction and creation
      Fragment of a sketch of MishMash group for Ouroboros
      The word "Ourobor" (or "juroboros") comes from a combination of ancient Greek words translated as "tail" and "food". The snake that bites its tail is the famous emblem of оuroboros. The symbol, originating from Ancient Egypt, existed in Greece and Byzantium, settled with the scribes of the alchemists of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque. Favorably received by Hermetic Masonic teachings.

      Everyone likes the symbol because it inspires the imagination. Its interpretations are endless and limitless, like those of Malevich's Black Square. Everything will be true and commonplace. The unity and struggle of opposites, the circle of time, creation and destruction, death and life, chaos and space ... Everything excites senses, everything captivates and hypnotizes, like the eye of a snake.

      On September 17 - 20 2021 exhibition hours are limited due to the gallery's participation in COSMOSCOW. All tickets purchased for these dates will be valid on any other day.
      September 03 - 26 2021
      11 am - 7 pm
      entry sessions every two hours
      3-Ya Yamskogo Polya Ulitsa, 9, Moscow (Belorusskaya metro station)
      JART Gallery (А115)
          In our project, we are guided by the idea any mysterious symbol or emblem exists thanks to the context of its interpretations. We invited a team of artists. Each of them creates not a monument to the emblem, which is shown very well in books on Baroque, but rather a situation on the topic: what happened to the fragment of the Universe where Ouroboros appeared. In general, a laboratory is being created. And everyone in it is busy looking for their own tail of circulating ideas.

          List of participating artists:

          Vasily Anufriev, Ekaterina Gerasimenko, Evgenia Dudnikova, EliKuka, Alexey Q.jay, Timofey Karaffa-Korbut and Grigory Mumrikov, Vladimir Kartashov, Irina Korina, Anna Lapshinova, Vlad Maltsev, Igor Makarevich and Elena Elagina, MishMash, Tanya Pioniker, Pavel Pepperstein and Sonya Stereostyrski, Vitaly Pushintsky, Andrey Syaylev.
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          Partners of the project
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